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Posted: 08.03.2014

7 Reasons Why A Lot Of People Quit Their Jobs Apart From Poor Salary

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When you hear of someone who quit their jobs,  it is more likely that you will think they did so because of poor salary. But have you ever thought of other reasons why people quit their jobs? And when would you as an employee say that enough is enough and quit your job?

You might be having a more-than-enough salary but yet again you feel like quitting your job. According to Martin Githaiga, HR personnel at Corporate Staffing Services, he says that there are more reasons to people saying they’ve had enough.

“First reason  why a lot of people decide enough is enough is because of too much pressure at work.They feel the employer is micro managing them. Others is because they are not given the time to take a break for example their 21 days entitled leave. And then there are those who feel the head of department makes them do all the work,” Mr. Githaiga says.

The work place is where you spend more than 10 hours a day with your workmates. Mr. Githaiga sites poor interpersonal relationships with your workmates as the second reason why a lot of people quit.

“Without good relationships most of the work will not be done since you are uncomfortable. Work places were intended to be comfortable,” he adds.

Thirdly, he advises that if you relocate to another location and it is expensive to commute from work to home and vice versa or it takes much of your time, quit your job and look for one that is more nearer.

”Any harassment at work is your fourth reason to quit,” says Mr. Githaiga


“Whether you are being bullied or being sexually harassed, a lot of people feel quitting that jobs is the way to go.”

Are you furthering your studies and you cannot find the work study relationship? It would be an fifth reason to quit your job and focus on your studies first.

Mr. Githaiga advices that if you had an excellent performance your employer will not hesitate to take you back.

Boredom as Mr. Githaiga says is the sixth reason to quit.

“Do you feel your work is becoming monotonous as the days go by? It would be best if you quit your job and seek a new challenge. Do not plateau in your career just because there is good pay,” he advices.

Lastly, you have probably started your own business and it requires your undivided attention. It is advisable to quit only if the business is profitable enough to sustain you and your needs.

His parting shot: “As long as your reason is good enough and you have evaluated it, you have a right to quit your job. Most importantly quit honorably and as per contract,” he concludes.

Considering the high rate of unemployment  in Kenya right now, what reason would be good enough for you to say, “You know what, I quit.”


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