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Posted: 08.03.2014

6 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Boss To Avoid Getting Fired

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Perhaps you are the talkative guy in the office who says anything that comes to mind or the guy who tells it as it is or that painfully honest person. Did you know there are things you would say to your boss that would cost you your job?

Speaking to Beth Wanjira a Recruitment Consultant with Corporate Staffing Services, she says that,“ First of all, do not get personal with your boss. Do not go telling your boss “I like your shirt’ ‘how was your weekend?’ Most times this leads to something that does not end well. Limit yourself to work things and do not go there.”

Secondly, do not say that you do not like your job or that you do not like when the boss makes you do something.

“By saying that, you ‘air’ your weakness. Maybe it was your boss way of giving you a challenge because he noticed you were weak at something. When you say this your boss will get tired of repeating instructions and they will get someone who enjoys doing the job,” Ms. Wanjira states.

Thirdly, do not talk negatively about your colleagues to your boss. “It means there is something wrong with you. Bosses are curious to know how their employees are and when you say this it is your recipe for disaster,” Ms. Wanjira says.

“Fourthly, do not speak to your boss about your love life. It is personal for a reason and it should stay that way. Do not say it just to gain favor. Even if it will not cost you now it will cost you sooner or later,” she adds.

Do not go telling your boss “I like your shirt’ or ‘how was your weekend?’

“Do not be close to your boss and cross that line. When you are close it no longer becomes professional and you will tend to forget that he is your boss. Just have a work relationship with your boss.”

Fifthly, do not say that you hate certain clients. “Remember you are in business and not all clients are the same. Some will be angry or nice and others demanding and arrogant. I would rather one says ‘it’s becoming hard to work with a certain client’” advices Ms. Wanjira

Lastly, it is wrong when you tell your boss things that make him/her seem like they do not know what they are doing or they do not know how to do their job. Ms Wanjira advices to let the boss do his job as you do yours

“Let communication flow within professional lines. Know the topics to discuss with your boss. Even if you think it is harmless it may prove to be worse than you think. Be sure to maintain your job ethics and act according to the company’s policy,” she advices.

“All these narrows down to two things; self respect and setting boundaries. Have respect for yourself, your company, your colleagues and your boss. Know what and when to say to your boss. Maintain a simple work relationship and avoid all the drama,” concludes Ms. Wanjira.


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