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Posted: 07.27.2014

Common Mistakes That Cost You a Salary Raise & How To Avoid Them

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By Elizabeth Benu,

So, you finally approached your employer for that raise and you got out of that office with a long face. You felt that you deserved that raise and supported your reasons but your employer said NO.

Find out why it happened by looking at the following mistakes.

Carole Muga, Human Resource Administrator with Dorbe-Leit Solutions Limited shares mistakes an employee can make and deny him/her a raise.

The we- attitude where an employee goes with a mentality of people in his job title. It is you who is asking for the pay raise. Do not say, for example, ‘administrators have a lot of duties and responsibilities so we deserve a raise’. For a pay rise, it’s your performance that speaks for itself and not your fellow administrators other,” Ms Muga says

“Secondly would be non-performance. If you are not performing well when it comes to your duties, then your request for a pay rise, it might not be accepted. If you were allocated 14 duties then you perform 5 duties why will an employer give you a salary increase? Underperformance does not credit you for a salary increase,” Ms Muga says.

Sometimes employees go with the thought that it is always done like that.

“A salary increase is not automatic that it comes when you ask for it. Think about the company’s policies about salary increment and the provisions that apply before asking for a pay rise,” she advices.

Do not say, for example, ‘administrators have a lot of duties & responsibilities so we deserve a raise’

Some employees ask for salary raise that gives the impression that they are looking for sympathy.

Ms Muga says that it gives the impression that you are imagining that employers do not have their own problems.

“Doing this makes it a personal matter. Ask for a pay rise because you have performed not because you live far from your work place and fuel prices are up. The employer is also human and is facing the same difficulties,” she adds.

Ms Muga advices employees to earn a salary increase and not wait for it to be given because it is normal.

“Most employees will ask for a salary increase because it is a norm or is in line with company policy but have you earned it? Have you improved your performance? Have you grown in any ways since you began your job or you are still at the same position you were when you came in?” she says.

“If you want a salary raise, check your growth clearly and note down your performance. With clear performance indicators,  it will be easier for you and your employer to come to a consensus about your increase. If there is proof of increased performance then you earn your raise,” Muga adds.

As for using sympathy, Ms Muga says, “Sympathy will always be there but it should not be used as your weapon to get the employer to give you a raise. Sometimes employers may give you money if you are going through a hard time in your life but be sure not to confuse this with pay rise and ask why you are not getting it the following month,” she concludes.


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