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Posted: 07.27.2014

Networking Tips That Actually Work In The Kenyan Job Market

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By Florence Mukunya,

Have you been looking for a job for what seems to be ages without finding one?

Well you are not alone; Yusuf Mohammed is in the same position as he tells us in his email.

“I have applied and searched for jobs everywhere including the classifieds, online job sites and even dropped papers to all recruitment firms that I know of but I have not found a job yet, what is the problem?”

Mr. Yusuf’s problem is that he has concentrated so much on one angle of looking for jobs; he has forgotten the power of networking with people around him, such as his friends, relatives and colleagues. They are a valuable job search resource. It may sound hard but it can be rewarding even when you feel like you don’t know many people.

To find out some networking tips that work in the Kenyan job market I sort Mr. Martin Githaiga’s  HR Officer at Corporate Staffing Services  input on the same.

1. Network with people at your level or those higher than you.
“Only those people at you level or higher than you career wise can assist you in finding work, otherwise people below you will have nothing to offer as they have obviously less experience and know how,” say Mr.Githaiga

2. Use network persons relevantly.
This means that if you are for example looking for an accounts job; use a person that is in the accounts field.

“Do not just tossing your CV to every person you come along as you are likely to leave them confused not knowing what type of a job it is you are looking for,” advices Mr. Githaiga.

3. Keep regular contact with your network people.
“Whenever you have a network of people make sure you keep contact with them not just calling them whenever you need a job, keep in touch with them,” Mr. Githaiga continues.


“A good example is inviting them to a function that you think they might have an interest in, like a sports event,” he adds

4. Never push your network persons.
You find when people are desperate for a job they will really push a person especially if they think that the person has the job they are looking for.
“It’s good to understand that it’s not always that your network people will have the job at hand, if they ask you to wait until they call you back do exactly that, don’t keep calling after every one day enquiring about the job,” states Mr. Githaiga.

5. Use your network people wisely.
“Use your network persons wisely, do most for the work for yourself, this includes having the right CVs and cover letters do not wait for them to ask you to update your CV or do the right cover letter, you are the one who needs the job, their work is to just push you in the right direction,” Mr. Githaiga advices.

And in case you are wondering how to begin a network, Mr. Githaiga has some advice for that.
“Visit professional site such as LinkedIn and participate on forums that may be going on, this way you are likely to attract and meet the right people for your network,” concludes Mr.Githaiga.

You can never survive alone in this world, you need people, it’s thus advisable to form networks as soon as possible, and also look for mentors.



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